F S T r a m p   v e r s i o n   6.52
Licensing conditions:
Each FSTramp version can be used in full during a trial period of 20 Flight Simulator sessions. Please use the free testing phase to try out FSTramp and form your own opinion.

After the evaluation phase you need a paid license key for continued activation of all functions. License keys have a time-limited validity. The time frame begins with the delivery of the license key by e-mail. The license keys are sold in 4 variants, corresponding to 1 to 4 years validity. License keys work within their terms with all FSTramp versions starting with v6.0.

The license key works with all your FSTramp installations, also on different computers simultaneously. The key is unique and linked to the owner. Please do not lose your key.
For Sales Support please check the FAQ.
Unlocking the Program:
After payment has been completed you will receive an e-mail with the licence key. Be very sure to print this e-mail, and to keep it in a safe place. Don't lose your license key!

Now start your Flight Simulator, and open in FSTramp the Dialog box: Payment and Registration. Copy the 11-digit license key exactly as given in the space for it, and confirm with Enter. If the key is correct, the dialog box closes after a few seconds and FSTramp now works full-featured.

What it is:
FSTramp is a fully integrated plug-in for Flight Simulator. The program is activated with Ctrl+F12. Pressing this Hotkey makes Flight Simulator change its face to become FSTramp. At the same time all Flight Simulator functions continue normally. In the alternative display mode FSTramp is a separate window, that can be positioned freely anywhere.
For display of the world map FSTramp uses your own Flight Simulator scenery data. Addon scenery which has been added to your scenery library, is also displayed on the world map.
  • Integrated Module for FSX, FSX: Steam Edition and/or Prepar3D v2 / v3 / v4.

  • Navigational Map.

  • Flight Planner with manual or automatic creation of the route.

  • Automatic flight from take-off to landing, including vertical navigation.

  • Autopilot frontend for comfortable operation.

  • World-wide Search & Find function for Airports and Navigational Aids.

  • Display for AI- and Multiplayer-Aircraft.

  • Updated data for waypoints, airways and IFR airport procedures
    (SIDs, STARs, Approaches). For the cyclic update compatible
    FMS data are available at Navigraph.
System Requirements:
  • A current version of Microsoft Windows. At least Windows Vista with all updates. Not Windows XP!

  • Microsoft FSX with service pack 1 + 2 or with Acceleration Expansion Pack. The full-screen mode of FSX is not supported by FSTramp in older Windows versions.

  • Microsoft FSX: Steam Edition. The full-screen mode of FSX-SE is not supported by FSTramp in older Windows versions.

  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v2 / v3 / v4.

  • FSTramp requires no internet connection for the basic function.
08/2017 Response to requests, compatibility with FSW or X-Plane:
The market for flight simulators is diversified, the users spread to more simulator variants, and FSTramp has to adapt. A reliable market leader, like Microsoft Flight Simulator, will probably no longer exist. Therefore FSTramp will add an additional flight simulator to the compatibility list in the future.

FSW and X-Plane were examined and although an FSW adaptation could be implemented with less effort, the winner is X-Plane for Windows. In favor of X-Plane speak, it is a pure simulator, the scenery is very realistic, the full-screen mode behaves cooperatively, it is an open system with extensive development kits and it contains interesting technology which extends the horizon of experiences. The completion date is
6 weeks ago I wrote the first announcement of the future compatibility of FSTramp with X-Plane 11 for Windows. At that time, 50 percent of the work had already been done and all risks were investigated. Now the work is at 75 percent, the XP plugin itself is ready, and all work focuses on the Scenery database tool. Due to the considerably larger X-plane scenery data and their different construction, there are major changes here. The previous tool gets a slimmer look, a new name and the familiar editor for the file scenery.CFG is omitted. In the Windows menu, only a single scenery database tool for all Flight Simulator variants is displayed.

But also the friends of the real world will not forget. The table of the magnetic declination, previously taken from the file magdec.bgl, is replaced by a current mathematical model. In addition, FSTramp receives an updatable, 11 MB large data package from the real world. The file templates for this are 80 percent ready and hopefully this surprise will not trigger a infarction at Navigraph.

Appendix: The upgrade will be 2017 ready. There is no price increase, the license model remains unchanged, and active V6 license keys also work with this upgrade.

Impressum: Helge Schroeder, Lucas-Cranach-Str. 3, 67227 Frankenthal, Germany Team FSTramp 2017 Disclaimer