F S T r a m p   v e r s i o n   6.21   -   S C R E E N S H O T S
View of Simulator after FSTramp has been activated with the Hotkey Ctrl+F12. FSTramp covers almost all of the Simulator screen, and the FSTramp window cannot be changed in size or position in this mode.

This docked view serves mainly as a global overview, and can be used for finding Airports, Navaids, etc.

Terrain is shown in relief; this can be deactivated if you prefer monochrome blue or green colours for the continents.

The relief is not an image, it is a coloured representation of the terrain height. An numerical indication of the height is located right of the mouse pointer. The accuracy is < 300 feet or 75 meters.

With the Hotkey Shift+Ctrl+F12 the FSTramp window appears in undocked mode. Size and position of the window can now be changed. In subwindows on the left side, Avionics, AI/MP Aircrafts, Flight Plan or the Airport procedures can be shown.

This undocked view mode is useful when the simulator is used with only one monitor.

As all subwindows of FSTramp can be adapted as to size and use, the undocked FSTramp window can be moved to a second monitor, with the subwindows arranged in the same way as in the docked mode.

The Simulator Menu bar contains the item FSTramp in the Add-ons button, which shows a Menu with all Hotkeys for FSTramp.

Night colours without mountains.
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