F S T r a m p   v e r s i o n   8.85   -   S C R E E N S H O T S
View of Simulator after FSTramp has been activated with the Hotkey Ctrl+F12. FSTramp covers almost all of the Simulator screen, and the FSTramp window cannot be changed in size or position in this mode.

This docked view serves mainly as a global overview, and can be used for finding Airports, Navaids, etc.

Terrain is shown in relief; this can be deactivated if you prefer monochrome blue or green colours for the continents.

The relief is not an image, it is a coloured representation of the terrain height. An numerical indication of the height is located right of the mouse pointer. The accuracy is < 300 feet or 75 meters.

With the Hotkey Shift+Ctrl+F12 the FSTramp window appears in undocked mode. Size and position of the window can now be changed.

This window can be used as a small overlay, but also as a full screen on a second display.

All sub-windows of FSTramp are adjustable in their size. This allows different sub-window arrangements for the two display modes.

The Simulator Menu bar contains the item FSTramp in the Add-ons button, which shows a Menu with all Hotkeys for FSTramp.

Night colours without mountains.
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