F S T r a m p   v e r s i o n   7.12   -   D O W N L O A D S
Licensing conditions:
Each FSTramp version can be used in full during a trial period of 20 Flight Simulator sessions. Please use the free testing phase to try out FSTramp and form your own opinion.

After the evaluation phase you need a paid license key for continued activation of all functions. License keys have a time-limited validity. The time frame begins with the delivery of the license key by e-mail. The license keys are sold in 4 variants, corresponding to 1 to 4 years validity. License keys work within their terms with all FSTramp versions starting with v6.0.

The license key works with all your FSTramp installations, also on different computers simultaneously. The key is unique and linked to the owner. Please do not lose your key.
For Sales Support please check the FAQ.
Unlocking the Program:
After payment has been completed you will receive an e-mail with the licence key. Be very sure to print this e-mail, and to keep it in a safe place. Don't lose your license key!

Now start your Flight Simulator, and open in FSTramp the Dialog box: Payment and Registration. Copy the 11-digit license key exactly as given in the space for it, and confirm with Enter. If the key is correct, the dialog box closes after a few seconds and FSTramp now works full-featured.

X-Plane for Windows 11.10 or higher, Prepar3D v2 / v3 / v4, FSX-SE, FSX

Extensions in version 7.12:
  • This bugfix appears because the X-Plane autopilot in the Garmin FMS has recently a bug that impedes the automatic flight through FSTramp. The HDG mode of the autopilot often turns the aircraft in the wrong direction when changing course >25 degrees, resulting in a full circle. To avoid this problem, this bug fix divides large course changes into fast steps of 10 degrees.

  • Since the simulators so far offered no practical method for configuring the hotkeys for add-ons/plug-ins, FSTramp had to implement this themselves. At least for X-Plane this has changed since version 11.10. X-Plane users can now find these settings directly in their simulator, keyboard and joystick options. You can now also assign joystick buttons to the FSTramp commands without using an external joystick configuration program. In connection with this improvement, the secondary standard hotkeys for FSTramp have been standardized across all platforms, ie changed. The current hotkeys are displayed as before in the menu Plugins/FSTramp or Add-ons/FSTramp.

  • Updated AIRAC data for FSTramp, e.g. installed by tools from Navigraph, were previously overwritten by older data when installing an FSTramp upgrade. This was caused by the sharing of the folder C:\ProgramData\FSTramp\NavData by FSTramp and the AIRAC Upgrade Tool.
    Now the FSTramp setup saves its AIRAC data in the installation folder of FSTramp and leaves the data in C:\ProgramData\FSTramp\NavData unchanged. Nevertheless, after each upgrade of FSTramp or the AIRAC data the scenery database of FSTramp must be updated. The Scenery Assembler uses the AIRAC data package with the newest timestamp.

  • On customer request the copying of the description of SID, STAR and Approach is now possible again. The Copy option is located in the context menu of the window displaying the description.

Setup FSTramp: FSTramp712.zip 346 MByte
NVIDIA SLI and flashing FSTramp map: Use the NVIDIA Inspector compatibility bits: 0x080000F5 (Killing Floor 2, Catzilla, Dragon Age 2, Umbrella Corps, Ocean Demo, Mad Max, Rise of ...)
Documentation English:

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Traducteur: Jean-Michel Meissonnier

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62.5 m mesh width elevation data:

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